Your Personal Psychologist & Life Coach

Let me ask:

Do you want to understand yourself better and why you are stuck with unhelpful behaviours?
Manage exhausting emotions and depleting thoughts?
Bounce back from difficulties? Level up your skills?
Connect with your purpose and values?
And find joy?

These are directions my clients have taken.
What is yours?

I guide you on your very exclusive and private journey.
As your personal psychologist and life coach.
Discretely, expertly and caringly.


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Live Your Potential

I believe you are reading this because you want to be mentally healthy and strong. Possibly recovering from a harrowing experience, connect with the joy of living and reach your full potential.

My personal experience inspired me to change careers and become a charted and accredited psychologist. Who has worked, for many years, in the NHS, charitable and private organisations. Today I work in private practice and lecture the new generation of psychologists at the University of London.

My clients recover from anxiety and low mood. They lived a good life despite chronic illness and find joy in the face of grief and loss. We create a therapeutic process that supports your journey best. I work with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness approaches CBT and existential psychotherapy. My incredible clients have clarified their life's purpose and achieved their goals. They developed insight, resilience, psychological flexibility and joyfully happiness — a gift I can share with you too.

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