mentoring you in your development.

Travelling together

I have facilitated training courses around the world for over ten years before becoming a psychologist. Now I am the course leader of the clinical and counselling psychology module at Birkbeck, University of London and the co-module leader for Individual differences (I and II). Within this position, I give career talks for existing students and facilitate professional panel discussions.

I can:

  • help your career decisions and performance and mentor you around career pathways and work experience;
  • advise you around and critically feeding back on your essays, proposals, dissertation and theses;
  • help you to develop your abilities in critical thinking and writing academic arguments.

I give:

  • personal therapy for your clinical and personal development;
  • consultation and discussion around your clinical work, enhancing a descriptive phenomenological stance towards your client's suffering and your interventions;
  • boost your ability to write clinical formulation and to deconstruct the therapeutic process.

For you:

  • read the blog "Traveling together" written by JD, who shares their experience of being in the mentoring process;
  • check out the videos below. These are resources around critical engagement with an essay topic and how to structure essays;
  • follow me on Instagram the weekend posts are dedicated to student and trainee development, tips and training
  • look at my online course and free tasters sessions here.

Email me to schedule a first meeting where you can get a feel for working with me. We will explore what you want from mentoring and me, and I can show you my area of expertise.

Special arrangements can be made for our first meeting. Email me now.


(Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)


Kind Words From My Fabulous Mentees

"Ute is a fantastic mentor. What I have most appreciated is her capacity to really listen and respond to my needs. As a result, I was able to address my obstacles. I am immensely grateful for her support."

— F.Y.
Counselling Psychologist Trainee

"I was holding myself back in beginning my dissertation research. I am also surprised at how quickly Ute helped me to feel more able!"

— J.D.
MA Counselling

"I required assistance when planning my research proposal. Ute provided that support enabling me to get perfectly back on track. Really helpful!"

— A.E.
Clinical Psychologist Candidate, 2020