Your Mental Health Deserves the Best

WITHSTO: a Course, a Month

Take action to develop and safeguard your mental health. WITHSTO gives you on-demand self-help courses consisting out of videos, audio and experiential exercises.

You become proficient in managing anxiety, conflict, anger and inner saboteur. Learn self-kindness. Know how to sleep better. Support yourself with different relaxations that work best for you. Discover your own functional motivation. Gain a strong body and connect it with your strong mind.

The bitesize media is accessible wherever you are and whenever you want to.

Utilise our psychologists' knowledge and caring compassion without any stigma or waiting times. Empower yourself. Add life-essential skills and boost your confidence. Live a joyful and purposeful life.

Let WITHSTO empower you to take charge of your own psychological wellbeing sustainably.

WITHSTO: Your Pocket Psychologist

Psychology is the most powerful tool. It gives you mental strength, teaches you how to bounce back from difficulties. It creates insight and supports us to live a purposeful life.

To access this incredible tool anytime and anywhere, I created WITHSTO for you.

Become your own compassionate coach and guide using our brilliant range of specialist courses.
All courses are created and delivered by expert psychologists, handpicked by me.

Every film, exercise, reading and audio is based on reliable contemporary psychological research.

And even more. You can choose to work with one of my esteemed colleagues or with me. Simply connect with us live and from the comfort of your privacy.

Train your strength with confidence in a personal and confidential environment.

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